Boyne City Public Schools


Boyne City Public Schools, 321 South Park St., Boyne City, Michigan 49712

Telephone: 231-439-8190, Fax: 231-439-8195

Boyne City is located in the northwest corner of lower Michigan and is the epitome of our motto "Hometown feel, small town appeal". We have implemented the best of recreation and industry and packaged it in an idyllic setting.

There is literally something to do for all seasons. Imagine skiing down alpine slopes with the wind wafting through your hair while the fresh snow gently falls all round you. During the spring you could be golfing at one of the many championship courses that surround our area; the warm, well-rested sun emerging from the long sleep of winter illuminates your ball resting one foot from the cup. In the summer we can picture you water-skiing on crystal clear Lake Charlevoix on your way to one of our many white sand beaches, a picnic lunch with family and friends planned for the hazy afternoon. We are famous for the spectacular array of fall colors that engulf our hillsides, and the salmon in our lake are practically jumping into your fishing boat. Sound like utopia? We would venture to say it is!

Amidst our forests and rolling hills, our streams and lakes, it would be easy to do nothing but have fun here in Boyne City. For those of us that don't have the advantage of doing primarily that, there are boundless job opportunities: northern Michigan, especially our town, is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. Whether you have already established a profession, or you are looking to find one, the education and training are all available here.

So what's the bottom line? The residents of Boyne City will tell you there is no better place to live. Upon your arrival don't be surprised by a warm welcome - that's just the way we are. If you still don't believe, come visit us. We guarantee you will never want to leave.