Boyne City Public Schools

Boyne City Public Schools Mission Statement

To provide optimum educational opportunities for all citizens.


We believe individuals have a right to the optimum development of their abilities. They must be challenged to reach their full potential and develop thinking skills vital for them to assume problem solving roles.

We believe all individuals are unique in their personalities, interests, abilities, needs and backgrounds. Each must be encouraged to develop a positive self concept and sincere concern for others.

We believe in high expectations, a strong work ethic and a demonstrated commitment to self and others.

We believe students should develop and understand their own options, values, and beliefs. They must examine issues, weigh the evidence, and consider the consequences of their decisions while respecting authority and the rights of others.

We believe that students must experience democratic living to strengthen their appreciation of freedom, privileges, and responsibilities in our society. We will work towards understanding and respecting other cultures, customs, and beliefs.

We believe students should master the basic skills. We will provide variety within the curriculum, offer enrichment and foster an interest in cultural and career opportunities